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No words to describe the sweetness of this little girl. She has two big sisters and will be oh so loved.mad2mad5mad1mad3mad4

Isn’t that the cutest name ever?  This sweet little girl was a complete and total rockstar for her shoot. And by that I mean she slept.  A lot.

DSC_5021 copy (1)DSC_5184DSC_4933DSC_5108DSC_5045DSC_5195DSC_4947

Along with all the other newborn photos we shot this day, I was super stoked to be able to take pictures of Grandma giving the little one her bath. Precious.LCP_4301LCP_4458LCP_4415LCP_4311LCP_4379

I was never one of those women who wanted twins.  I liked being pregnant.  I liked having ONE baby at a time to learn to love.  But now, I take it back.  Give me twins!!!  Please?