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The first family I ever shot. It’s been a few years, and their family has doubled in size, with two more precious little ones.  And they did it all in one fell swoop.  It’s really fun to see how much this fam has changed in the last few years since the last time I shot them.

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I got to go to Arizona to celebrate thanksgiving this year. Lucky ducky me. I was not too terribly dissapointed to leave the 30 degree weather for the 60. I was willing to suffer to be with family.  Especially this family.  My sister and her precious crew. Don’t get to see them nearly enough.


Thanksgiving in AZ. Yes please.  Two gorgeous girls and their awesome parents.  Fine by me. Taking family pictures while on vacation can be a challenge. Especially if your 2 year old decides she wants nothing to do with it! We managed a couple keepers though so it was all worth it!DSC_2905 (1)1b2bDSC_2530 (1)