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No words to describe the sweetness of this little girl. She has two big sisters and will be oh so loved.mad2mad5mad1mad3mad4

I’m sure you’ve noticed before, but I am blessed with many nieces. And I’m sure it’s fairly obvious that they are all quite lovely.  Kathryn is no exception.  We ran out for a quick senior shoot in the orchards.kat4kat2kat3kat3

My first year taking back to school photos I set up in front of the coolest old bus I’ve ever seen.  Might have to revisit the area in the future, it was a cool backdrop.b2scampbell3b2scampbell2b2scampbell1b2scampbell4

When I moved away to Oklahoma, there were a lot of things I knew I would miss.  Family, friends, ward…. but this girl and her family were at the top of the list.  She was my next door neighbor for 3 1/2 years.  We worked together at two different jobs.. I worked for her at one, she worked for me at another.  We had a back door policy.  I don’t think we ever walked through each other’s front doors, just cut across the backyard and let ourselves into the kitchen. She is one of these friends that only comes along once in a very great while. The year that I was gone, it was painful to be away.  Her life changed dramatically, and I missed almost the whole ten months that she had her sweet little angel with her.  The day I moved back to Utah I was privileged to take family photos of her whole family before her little guy had to head back to Heaven. What an honor and a blessing. Love this girl and all 5 of her boys!

It was so fun to take this high school senior out for a few hours on an incredibly pleasant day for March. I’m still trying to get used to this Oklahoma weather, which is altogether strange and wonderful. Jordan is such a beauty, as you can see, and was super patient and willing to do whatever I asked. It feels so good to be shooting again!