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This kid I knew when he was in diapers.  In diapers!  How do these little people keep growing up and graduating?  I don’t like it. It needs to stop.  This was a manic crazy fast photo shoot between the wedding and the reception on Stephanie’s wedding day.  These boys, it’s sometimes hard to get them to smile.  But he was great, and he even took me out for dinner after the shoot.  (It’s okay, we’re related) 😉


I was 12 when my sister was born. She was so cute and tiny.  And, well, she’s still cute and tiny.  But she is about to have her own baby.  It is killing me to know I won’t be in Utah when her little arrives.  Killing. Me.  But at least I got to snap a few shots of her belly. Love you baby sister and you are the cutest thing ever.


I don’t know how this mom does it with 7 kids!  I mean, I know I have 6… but 7?  There’s no way!  Especially with a set of twins at the end. She is amazing, and their kids were so fun to hang out with. Such a great family.

I’ve said it before, and I’m sure to say it again.  One of the greatest pleasures of being a photographer is the chance to meet so many new, fun, awesome people!  This family was so cute, I couldn’t get enough of them!  It took a little work getting this shoot scheduled, but I am so glad we finally got to meet.


There are definitely pros and cons involved in shooting outdoor photos in Utah in the spring.  The biggest con is that sometimes it snows, and you are freezing, and the client is freezing, and you have to rush a bit.  The biggest pro is that sometimes in snows, and you have great clients who don’t care and you are able to capture some awesome images.