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I’m sure you’ve noticed before, but I am blessed with many nieces. And I’m sure it’s fairly obvious that they are all quite lovely.  Kathryn is no exception.  We ran out for a quick senior shoot in the orchards.kat4kat2kat3kat3

It was so fun to take this high school senior out for a few hours on an incredibly pleasant day for March. I’m still trying to get used to this Oklahoma weather, which is altogether strange and wonderful. Jordan is such a beauty, as you can see, and was super patient and willing to do whatever I asked. It feels so good to be shooting again!

This kid I knew when he was in diapers.  In diapers!  How do these little people keep growing up and graduating?  I don’t like it. It needs to stop.  This was a manic crazy fast photo shoot between the wedding and the reception on Stephanie’s wedding day.  These boys, it’s sometimes hard to get them to smile.  But he was great, and he even took me out for dinner after the shoot.  (It’s okay, we’re related) 😉


It was a joy to be able to meet this young man and take his senior pictures.  He is definitely ready to be done with highschool and can’t wait for it to be over.  He was a good sport and didn’t complain at all, even though his mom told me he hates having his picture taken.  I get the best clients!

I did some senior pictures for this guy in Albion over the winter break.  He and his mom wanted to have some winter pictures and some spring pictures, so back in April they came out to Utah so we could do a quick spring shoot.  Here’s the problem:  when we did the winter pictures, it was kind of warm, so we had rain, but no snow.  When we did the spring pictures, it was fairly cold, so we had rain but no sun.  So basically what it boiled down to was two sets of rainy senior pictures. He was a good sport though!