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I met this senior the day I was to take her pictures.  I had spoken to her on the phone once and arranged the meeting spot.  How pleasantly surprised was I when I showed up to find this GORGEOUS girl to take pictures of.  We went to the train station, and a new location I’d never been.  I think one of the best parts of being a photographer is all the people I get to meet and peek in at who they are, and try to capture it.

Oh what a beautiful girl.  She’s not technically a senior.  She tested out of High School before her senior year.  Her mom wasn’t sure if she was going to even do senior pictures.  But they were in town, I have a camera, and she had a spare hour, so off we went.  I have never in my life taken so many pictures so quickly.  Not only did we take a lot of pictures, but we hit up 3 different locations, and she changed her clothes in the car while I drove from spot to spot, so we got her in 3 different outfits. It was outrageously fast and frantic.  And fun.  Steph actually hates taking pictures, but she told me it was the most fun she’d had in a long time. I’ve been dying to get these added to my portfolio.  She’s simply adorable.