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Monthly Archives: February 2011

This family called me wanting to shoot some pictures down in Provo or Orem.  I was excited to get out of my regular areas and try something a little new. We ended up going down to the Shops at the Riverwoods.  Some great backdrops over there. It was so fun to meet this group, they were really easy to get along with and lots of fun.  Mom and Dad were visiting from Michigan, the daughter is attending BYU and the son and his wife are living in Orem. We were lucky to have the sun shining on a February day, and this shoot flew by.  It was so fast I didn’t know what to do with myself, amazing how quick 5 slightly chilly adults can get through a photo shoot!



When I left home for college, back in 1996, my baby sister was, um, I think 7 years old.   Now she’s not.  She’s a little older.  And she’s getting married.  I feel so privileged to be able to take her engagement and wedding photos.  You would think it would be  less pressure to take pictures of your own family, but somehow, when it comes down to engagement/wedding photos, I think I feel more.  I mean, if I mess them up, I have to live with her wrath  🙂  Really, I bet she would forgive me, she’s pretty awesome.  And this boy she’s marrying?  We like him a lot.  We took pictures on two different days, and both of them were quite chilly.