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Monthly Archives: March 2011

Oh what a beautiful girl.  She’s not technically a senior.  She tested out of High School before her senior year.  Her mom wasn’t sure if she was going to even do senior pictures.  But they were in town, I have a camera, and she had a spare hour, so off we went.  I have never in my life taken so many pictures so quickly.  Not only did we take a lot of pictures, but we hit up 3 different locations, and she changed her clothes in the car while I drove from spot to spot, so we got her in 3 different outfits. It was outrageously fast and frantic.  And fun.  Steph actually hates taking pictures, but she told me it was the most fun she’d had in a long time. I’ve been dying to get these added to my portfolio.  She’s simply adorable.



March 13, 2011 was the day. I was so nervous about what the weather was going to do for my sister’s wedding.  I knew I would be taking the outdoor pictures right around noon, which is not necessarily the ideal time.  So, I was hoping for overcast.  But, it was supposed to rain/snow which I did not want, so I was hoping for dry.  Guess what?  I won.  Overcast and dry.  And not altogether unpleasantly cold.  Why am I talking about the weather?  Because if I think about the wonderfulness of that day, the beautiful ceremony, my gorgeous sister and my new brother who so obviously loves her, I just get all choked up.  And nobody wants to read that.

The trouble with spring weddings is this: they require winter engagement pictures.  And the problem with winter engagement pictures is this: I live and work in Utah.  And the problem with living in Utah and taking engagement pictures in the winter can be summed up in one word.  C.O.L.D.   Not my cup of tea. Born and raised primarily in Southern California, I’ve been in Utah for the past 14 years and still have not acclimated to the cold weather.  But, that’s where a sense of adventure comes in, don’t you think?  We got really lucky for this shoot, it was supposed to be windy and rainy.  It wasn’t rainy. And wind just makes things memorable, right?