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Monthly Archives: May 2011

So my friend asked me the a while ago if I would take some pictures of her.  I told her I would love too, and then she added that her boy would be there too, so it would be a couple’s shoot.  Immediately I started thinking engagement and asked if there was a ring involved, but she said no, she just wanted some couple pictures.  So, off we went, and it was a lot of fun.  She is absolutely gorgeous.  Wouldn’t you know it, within a couple weeks they were engaged!  They used some of these pictures for their announcements.  I would love to do their wedding pictures, but I will have moved to Oklahoma by then. 🙁

I did some senior pictures for this guy in Albion over the winter break.  He and his mom wanted to have some winter pictures and some spring pictures, so back in April they came out to Utah so we could do a quick spring shoot.  Here’s the problem:  when we did the winter pictures, it was kind of warm, so we had rain, but no snow.  When we did the spring pictures, it was fairly cold, so we had rain but no sun.  So basically what it boiled down to was two sets of rainy senior pictures. He was a good sport though!