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About Chell

I was once a bad mom.  Meaning, I never took any pictures.  And I’m talking I was the mom who would show up to school recitals, sporting events, and even Christmas morning without a camera. “Can you take a few of my kids and email them to me?” was the only way I ever had pictures.  Sad, right?  Then one day in 2008 I started our family blog. I was hooked. All the sudden I was looking for picture taking opportunities left and right. I took my camera everywhere, to everything, and took pictures of everyone. I thought it was because I loved blogging… but that’s definitely not it. (Evidenced by the fact that I routinely go a month or longer without posting to my family blog.) It must have been because I loved taking pictures. So eventually I forked out $400 for a new camera.  It was a Canon Powershot 20-something, and it was cool.  It was a point and shoot, but with the ability to program it and change either the aperture, exposure or shutter speed. (Not that I had any idea what that meant.) And my pictures took on a whole new look.  I felt like a better photographer.  So, then I was really hooked. Unfortunately, within a month or two I realized I had bought the wrong camera.  I needed a DSLR. So, I forked out a little more and bought my Nikon D80.  We have a love affair going on. All of the sudden I felt like a much better photographer.  I started thinking maybe someday I would take some classes, and then maybe someday (like in 20 years when my kids are all grown) I could turn my hobby into a little side business.  Little did I know that someday was right around the corner.  I’m self-taught for the time being, although I can’t wait to get into a few classes. I learn more on every shoot, and I learn more with every batch I edit. I love what I do, and I hope it shows.