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No words to describe the sweetness of this little girl. She has two big sisters and will be oh so loved.mad2mad5mad1mad3mad4

I’m sure you’ve noticed before, but I am blessed with many nieces. And I’m sure it’s fairly obvious that they are all quite lovely.  Kathryn is no exception.  We ran out for a quick senior shoot in the orchards.kat4kat2kat3kat3

Isn’t that the cutest name ever?  This sweet little girl was a complete and total rockstar for her shoot. And by that I mean she slept.  A lot.

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Had so much stinking fun taking my own 6 yahoos out for their back to school photos this year.  Don’t know why I don’t take them out more often, they are obviously the most gorgeous kids on the planet.


The first family I ever shot. It’s been a few years, and their family has doubled in size, with two more precious little ones.  And they did it all in one fell swoop.  It’s really fun to see how much this fam has changed in the last few years since the last time I shot them.

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