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I love back to school time. Pencils, pens, books, the smell of paper.  Yum.  Yes, I have a few small issues.  Moving on.  I loved taking back to school pics again for these gorgeous girls who have grown up so much since last year.



This young man is getting ready to leave his family for 2 long years to preach the gospel in Guatemala. We managed to get out and take pictures literally hours before he had to leave. But, we got it done.4mLCP_16173m2mLCP_1766LCP_1702LCP_17301mLCP_1755

Along with all the other newborn photos we shot this day, I was super stoked to be able to take pictures of Grandma giving the little one her bath. Precious.LCP_4301LCP_4458LCP_4415LCP_4311LCP_4379

This girl looks so much like her mom it is crazy.  You’ll just have to trust me on that because there are no pictures of her mom on this post. This post is all about the birthday girl getting ready to be baptized.LCP_5899-21r2rLCP_58753r